Taoping Rockets 500% On 51 Million Shares Amid Upgrading Cloud Platform

Chinese smart display ads company Taoping (NASDAQ: TAOP) made a significant move in upgrading its Taoping Smart Cloud Platform to improve its targeting and ad publishing features. Handling thousands of publisher sites that want to monetize based on their content, must have quick responsive cloud system to ensure smooth internet advertising.

After announcing this upgrade TAOP almost quadruples from as low as $2.04 to $12.20 by facing 51 million shares of daily volume. Most of the time Chinese brands soar higher than 100% since many Asian investors support local companies listed in Western stock exchanges.

Taoping tends to have positive EPS due to almost positive earnings based on 12 months. Long term investors may join TAOP bandwagon then. Now risk-taking traders may gamble with the stock meanwhile U.S government might block funding of Chinese companies via stock exchanges.