Tattooed Chef Plans Great Expansion In Ohio

Tattooed Chef Inc. Class A (TTCF) stock closed today with the low price for the week at $14.47. It has a year-to-date loss of 6% and a five-year gain of 51%. Tattooed Chef is a leader in the plant-based food industry. On December 21, 2021, the company acquired the assets of Belmont Confections, Inc., a private label manufacturer of snack bars. Located in Ohio, Belmont Confections has been producing private label nutritional bars since 2007.

The company, which is a snack bar manufacturer, has a facility in Ohio that will allow it to expand its operations into the ambient and refrigerated food categories. The company has many prospective goals for the future, and one of which is creating and delegating brand new bars this year. Tattooed Chef offers a variety of innovative and sustainable plant-based food products. The company’s signature products include riced cauliflower, shredded spinach, and rice bowls. Through its commitment to continuous innovation and self-manufacturing, Tattooed Chef is able to introduce new products to the growing number of plant-based consumers.