TC Energy (TSE: TRP) Gains 23% In a Year: Should You Keep Buying?

While crude oil rides over $100 per barrel some energy stocks have no option to decline. Today TC Energy (TSE: TRP) is climbing slowly by 0.47% on 500k shares. Since January it has been also surging from $59.73 to $72.60. Additionally, the company pays dividends even if the oil prices stumble. That’s why it has steadily rising EPS.

TSE: TRP knows no stop in growth

After 2021 ends TRP could catch a bullish trend that was obviously caused by the oil prices but TC Energy is trying to get out of oil dependence as it controls its revenue and stock price directly but externally. Energy stocks move very slowly and you need decades to get significant returns while crypto investors get their first millions within four or five years by just holding, buying, staking, and trading via trusted exchanges and wallets.