TeamRedMiner R MODE On RX 5700XT Delivers 55.10 Mega Hashes in Mining Ethereum

Today we are checking out TeamRedMiner update that introduces R Mode. We picked AMDs best GPUs such as RX 5700XT Sapphire Nitro and RX 5600XT Red Devil. On GitHub the mining update says the big winners are these GPUs that we are going to use today.

There was a difference of course. 5700XT was definitely a winner here with higher power consumption. This doesn’t mean that 5600XT is not alright to mine ETH or any other coin. Maybe we have got the wrong settings to optimize it but try it on your own. Perhaps, 5600XT may deliver higher results.

We give a clap to 5700XT using the latest update from TeamRedMiner. This is again clear proof that Radeon’s flagships can mine extraordinarily.

Mentioned products:

RX 5700XT Sapphire Nitro

RX 5600XT Red Devil

Source: Rabid Mining via YT