Telcoin (TEL) Plunges: Is It Worth Buying Now?

The value of the coin is $0.02135 now. Telcoin drops 7.25% in the last 24 hours. The basis of the project is the TEL token, developed on the basis of the ERC 20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Telcoin is a kind of symbiosis of a mobile operator and a blockchain. Unique feature sets enable asset owners to perform many operations only with the coin itself. Due to the use of modern algorithms, transactions with the coin occur in the most secure environment and are completed in a matter of seconds.

A quarter of the total number of coins was sold during the ICO. Another half of the tokens will be sold through mobile operators who have become partners of the new project. The development team will keep 15% of the tokens for themselves. In total, 100,000,000,000 bodies will be released into circulation. The daily trading turnover of coins now reaches 9.3 thousand dollars, constantly increasing due to the attraction of new traders and investors.