Tellurian (TELL) Stock Finally Trades at $5

According to the graph for last month, the Tellurian stock was trading at $3 and did not reach $5 for a long time. But everything began to go for the better: on May 26, the stock began to rise sharply and on June 2, it was worth more than $5. Then shares dropped a little and now it costs $5.11.

Tellurian (TELL) Stock Finally Trades at $5

Tellurian, a liquefied natural gas producer based in the United States, announced the signing of a 10-year LNG supply agreement with Vitol, the world’s biggest independent energy trader, for 3 million tonnes per annum (MTPA). Tellurian estimates that the arrangement will generate around $12 billion in income over the course of the contract.

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LNG demand has risen in recent years as countries such as China and India purchase more of the super-cooled fuel to fulfill rapidly increasing energy demands while also weaning users away from dirty coal. Tellurian continues to carry out its plans to market Driftwood LNG quantities, according to the company.

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