Tellurian (TELL) Stock Heading For $10 While Crude Oil Sinks

On Friday Tellurian (NYSE: TELL) closed at $6.34 on a 75 million volume and after the market close it kept growing by 0.32% although crude oil started plunging amid increased oil production. However, natural gas prices are still gaining amid the planned ceasing of gas imports from Russia to Europe. Therefore, oil stocks are still surging by entering a strong bullish trend.

TELL stock might hit $10 this month

As long as TELL keeps being the most active stock in premarket and market hours it will most likely jump over $10 as INDO did a month ago. As phased lockdown in Shanghai is still continuing the oil price plummets slowly for tanked demand in China. It may surge further to $110 per barrel as the global economy is immune to covid-19 fears. Improve your investment portfolio with GPU mining method.

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