Terra Keeps Bullish Amid Ukraine Events

The crypto space responded well to the easing of the dark clouds. While the traditional coins regained their previous levels, Terra (LUNA) price managed to surpass the resistance. The events in Ukraine that happened on the day of Russia’s special military operations sent the crypto markets into a tailspin. Although Terra was among the assets that maintained a bullish trend, it was not able to sustain its gains.

Terra price maintained a strong uptrend since it started its trend in August 2021. It bounced back efficiently each time it visited its previous highs. The beginning of the month was below the trend line due to the massive sell-off of Terra. It was followed by a sharp decline which caused the asset to test the trend line. The asset was close to breaking through the line and testing another key level. It was currently experiencing slight exhaustion. The volume is in favor of the bulls and the resistance at $70 may be cleared soon.