Tesla Signs Agreement With Talon Metals For U.S Nickel Supply

Those interested in stocks that have made significant increases in the last month may look into the Talon Metals stock. The stock has managed to become a key mover in the last month, with a growth of 22%. Currently, the price is slightly unstable, trading at $ 0.4700, losing about 3% from its previous close. The company, which is engaged in exploring and developing minerals, made an important announcement today.

More specifically, Talon Metals began cooperating with Tesla on nickel supply from the Tamarack project in central Minnesota. Automaker Tesla plans to produce metal for electric car batteries more environmentally friendly. Nickel contributes to the accumulation of energy in the battery’s cathode, which, in turn, increases the power reserve of the electric vehicle. Nickel demand is expected to expand dramatically over the next decade as electric vehicles spread. And in this regard, Tesla plans to purchase 75,000 tons of nickel over the next six years. Talon will also supply cobalt and iron ore to the automaker.