Tesla Stock Could Be Split Before Reaching $2000, Here Is Why

Despite the sensitive volatility of stock markets Tesla shares keep rising in price. Since mid-March NASDAQ: TSLA has been growing from $361.22 to $1371.00 (as of July 6). Could it increase beyond this price while the richest companies’ stocks are much lower?

Top Tesla managers may decide to split the stock to make it more attractive to speculative investors whose goals are limited in a couple of days or weeks. Many traders may think the current price is a peak and soon TSLA shares may cost like Nikola’s (NASDAQ: NKLA).

There are several EV manufacturers offering cheap stocks that could soar gradually as people show clear interests in zero-emission vehicles.

Perhaps, TSLA will reach $2000 when 12 months positive EPS is shown after several quarter reports. Then what? A stock split or steep fall may occur expectedly.