Tesla (TSLA) Pops: Here Are The Preliminary Results For The Third Quarter

On the chart for the last 5 days, we can see that the stock was slowly and continuously increasing from $791.67 on October 11 to $843.07 on October 18. In the financial results, it is expected that the company will report the earning for the third quarter of $1.52 per share which will demonstrate the growth of 100% from $0.76 for every share which was in the last year. The approximate revenue will be $13.16 billion. For the last year, the financial results of Tesla have beaten earnings three times.

During the third quarter, the company delivered about 241,300 vehicles, which is higher by 139,539 cars in the previous year. Additionally, such products of the company as Solar Roof and Powerwall also demonstrated good growth. The company reported about the record sales in China of 56,000 with a total of 133,248 to 55% of the total delivery were made in the Shanghai facility. The market capitalization of Tesla, for now, is more than 844.522 billion with a total volume of 18,924,617 shares.