Tesla Surges 10 Percent In A Month: What Should You Know?

Yesterday, it was announced that the Shangai factory of the Tesla is awaiting to launch more than 300,000 cars in the first 9 months of the year despite the problem with the shortage of the semiconductors. However, looking at the chart the Tesla was performing with the average volatility on the chart for the last 30 days. It was growing with small pace starting from $700.52 on August 26 to $774.54 for today. The market capitalization of the company is approximately $775.761 billion.

20160813061741 ModelSCurrently, the factory is in the process of producing the Model 3 sedans and the Model Y sport utility vehicles not only for domestic, but also for international markets involving Germany and Japan. According to the China Passenger Car Association, during the first eight months of this year, more than 240,000 vehicles were produced at this factory, where many of them were delivered abroad. However, the company did not reported about the details. For now, it is  under big attention by the community because of some complaints.

Agneta Johansen

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