Tesoro Enterprises Strives To Hit $1: Are You Holding?

It is always a good idea for investors to look into the latest trends in the market before deciding on the stocks to back and hence, the Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock (OTC: TSNP) stock that could be tracked at this point.

The company, which is all set to be rechristened HUMBL Inc following its merger, has seen its stock rise by as high as 350% this year so far. On Wednesday alone, the stock soared 44% as investors continued to pile on to the stock.

One of the significant triggers for the rally in the stock this week came about after the company announced the launch of a new product named BLOCK Exchange Traded Index. The product was launched in a range of geographies starting from Asia and Latin America to the Middle East and North America among others. It has been created so that the customers of HUMBL Financial can get access to digital assets far more conveniently.

Tesoro Enterprises Strives To Hit $1: Are You Holding?

Richard McEntire

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