Tesoro (TSNP) Still Perseveres To Climb Over $1 Before Historical Merger With Humbl

What a nice merger day awaits both Humbl and Tesoro after long experiences in service and software businesses. On that day TSNP shares might rocket 500% as they are too cheap and available anytime in the OTC market. Buying thousands of TSNP shares today will likely lead to unearthly experience with unexpected returns.

Few days left to start a company with a symbiotic merger of two well-experienced enterprises. Today having assets is not enough to start a solidly growing business. Human resources play a crucial part in the fresh company’s life. Frankly saying, that new company should handle an issue regarding the human factors inside the organization.

TSNP is confidently rising 35% on over 200 million shares which have owners claiming to be the new owners of the upcoming merger. Less than $0.35 shares seem to be absurd to buy as many risk-averse investors claim that penny stocks are fluctuating and unstable. “Buy low, sell high” strategy has finally been applicable to the OTC market.

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Michael Rowels

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