Teva Pharmaceutical Corrects Following A Big Dip This Week: What’s The Deal?

The first interim analysis of the FINESSE study revealed that fremanezumab met the study’s goal and demonstrated the effectiveness of treatment in routine clinical practice. TEVA stock is trading at $9.24 in the pre-market today. Almost all patients in the study had already been treated with various anti-Migraine medications prior to study entry. The interim analysis results of the study were presented at the 2021 Congress. They were presented by Prof. Andreas Straube, the study’s principal investigator. Interim data from the FINESSE study show that response rates for fremanezumab are consistent with the results of the Phase III study. They also indicate that anti-CGRP mAbs can also be safely used outside of clinical trials for migraine patients.

ddd1606 TevaReal-world evidence can help inform treatment decisions in more naturalistic settings, said Professor Straube. The primary objective of this study was to determine if fremanezumab reduced the number of migraines days experienced by patients. Through the European Evidence Real World program, we aim to support the development of effective migraine prevention strategies in Europe. The results of the FINESSE study are very encouraging and confirm the data previously seen with preventive treatment. Real-world evidence studies are designed to provide objective and relevant information about the effects of drugs on patients. They can help inform decisions about drugs and their use.

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