Thai Airways (TAWNF) Stock Plunges: What to Expect for Shareholders?

Once during the last 6 months, TAWNF stock soared to $5.05 from a miserable $0.14. What causes such unpredictable rising and should owners keep stocks, or they shouldn’t expect a miracle? Today this company is struggling with bankruptcy and must pay the debt to its creditors, a few weeks ago, “Bloomberg” creditors approved the airline’s debt restructuring plan, thus the company should pay at least 170 billion Thai baht ($5.41 billion) of its debt.

Thai Airways (TAWNF) Stock Plunges: What to Expect for Shareholders?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies suffered a sharp decline in shares, almost every shareholder has sold stocks, however giving a debt restricting plan, this company has received a second chance for the rise. Generally, they depend on the country’s travel restrictions. When flights on planes will become available, investors should really consider owning shares.

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For today, it seems to be unprofitable to own stocks and just hope, but as restrictions will be removed, the shares will increase in geometrical progression. So, “Keep an eye!” and don’t miss this event. As soon as possible we will notify you in our blog.

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