Thales Sharply Plunges 26.1% Today As Ecosystem Project Has Attracted $2.5 Million In Strategic Investments

The price chart of the crypto shows volatile dynamics. Prices are dropping by 26.1% and reaching the mark of $2.75. Thales is a project of the Synthetic ecosystem (SN) that supports trading binary options and derivatives in the chain on the Ethereum network. At the end of 2020, the main participants of Synthetic began to look for an external team to develop a platform for binary options trading, which would later become Thales. It received initial funding from SynthetixDAO to launch the project.

Ethereum upgrade may boost ether prices Thales (THALES) token distribution model will be targeted at active members of the Synthetic community with 35% of the 100 million tokens claimed by SNX participants with debt minting. Another 45% will go to various incentive programs and bring fruitful forms, and 20%, or 20 million Thales tokens, will be allocated to the current and future team. According to the main participant of Synthetix, Jordan Mumtazi, the distribution of Thales is likely to take place at the end of September

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Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter