The Announcement Date Of Meten’s Financial Results For Q3 Has Become Known

Meten Holding Group is engaged in the development of the English language level of the population of China. It has foreign language teaching services for adults (Meten), children (ABC), and online teaching (Likeshuo). Thanks to the quality of teaching, the innovative technologies it uses in the management of the enterprise, and the teaching methods, all of its students are satisfied with the knowledge they have received. The thirty-day chart shows that METX traded at $ 0.30 during the first 10 days. By the end of October, the worth had skyrocketed 130% to $ 0.69 but fall to $0.41 after a while. Since then, it has dropped twice by 30%. The current price is 0.67$.

Meten is going to announce its Q3 results in 2 weeks’ time, on November 22. In the morning of the same day (8 am ET), management plans to hold a conference to discuss the results, which will take place at 5 am PT and 9 pm Beijing time. To attend, you need to dial the phone number 15 minutes before the meeting. The company also warned that financial results could be affected by many factors, including the outbreak of COVID-19, China’s policies towards a number of service providers, and economic conditions in that country.