The Branch Of Farmmi (FAMI) Takes Part In The World Exhibition

Farmmi is a huge company that, together with subsidiaries such as Zhejiang Farmmi Food, Hangzhou Nongyuan Network Technology, and Farmmi International, operates in the agricultural sector, offering people fruits, nuts, tea, edible mushrooms, etc. It mainly sells through its online store, as well as to restaurants and food stores. The price of its stock has been getting cheaper recently. After hitting a weekly high of $ 0.355 last Monday, FAMI’s cost swooped down. Thus, on November 11, trading closed at the lowest price of $ 0.318 during this period. The next day, the worth rallied 3% to $0.326 and ended trading with a volume of $ 45,719,057 and a market cap of $ 92.969M.
As you know, the Zhejiang Farmmi Food branch took part in the exhibition, the 25th Food & Hospitality China (FHC) Shanghai Global Food Trade Show, showing its range of products from November 9 to November 11. This exhibition last year took about 150,000 square meters, and the number of visitors was almost 130,000, while exhibitors came from 50 countries around the world. Naturally, this year it has extended. According to the CEO, they had a great opportunity to build close relationships with customers, discuss ways to expand, and in addition, such events have a positive impact on the strategy of growth and sales.