Theralink (OBMP) Heats Up: Will It Continue?

When most stocks keep plunging OTC shares pop up in searches after they fly crazy on heavy volumes but their prices are normally cheap and look very unstable. So today Theralink (OBMP) becomes hot stock soaring 95% on a tiny volume of 36,501.Five trends powering the biotech rebound in 2022 - IFA Magazine

what makes OBMP trade higher today while the majority of stocks fall like autumn leaves in October. There is no recent news from its media page but four months ago Theralink informed that it is unable to issue new shares of its common stock. Because of that, the company has applied to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) to change its ticker symbol to “THER”. FINRA is still reviewing the application. After they approve it Theralink will be able to issue new common shares.