Premarket stocks usually soar crazily but start declining during market hours. We are witnessing five drastically rising stocks with more than a million volumes each.

Skyrocketing Revelation Biosciences (REVB) is crossing the $1 mark without news. More than two weeks ago the company announced the completion of enrollment and dosing of its Phase 1b CLEAR clinical study. Soon clear results from this phase could be released. Right now it is likely being pumped by visionary whales.

Just twenty hours ago Aspen Aerogels ceased public offering of common stock and green convertible senior notes that are due in 2027. This corporate update could push ASPN to rise 44% in premarket on a 2.4 million volume.

Remark is facing a bear market as well. Today it is soaring organically without any corporate update. Yesterday it closed at $0.3961 after decreasing 5.76%. This premarket move is actually a little rebound before diving to $0.10.

Recently 374Water (SCWO) announced it will ring the opening bell at Nasdaq MarketSite. The company is highlighting its achievements in building a cleantech brand. It has been operating to create a cycle that will enable the utilization of any waste. Two weeks ago SCWO could reach $3.98 and now trying to recover.

The entertainment industry is never getting shrunk but its participant Color Star (CSCW) is struggling to survive in a bear market and also bearing a loss in earnings. Nevertheless, the stock is up by 12% in premarket. When the crypto market is falling metaverse is decreasing in popularity. The company has to focus on other segments now before its metaverse investments burst.