Three Reasons Why Galaxy Coin Is Being Launched On The XRPL

Galaxy Coin is an XRPL-launched coin with which the next generation can go into space in the future. GALAXY was launched on XRPL for several reasons. First, compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s 90% more energy efficient. Second, transaction fees, even at busy times, are one cent. And finally, the third, XRPL is considered the key to innovative solutions. Given the hourly growth of the aerospace industry, this token has good potential, the developers say. A maximum supply is 500,000,000,000,000 GALAXY coins, the price of each token in circulation had been stable at $0.0000000182 for 20 hours, after which it jumped 38% to $0.0000000261. However, it fell to $0.0000000231 at midnight.

Galaxy Coin
Galaxy Coin is a project that aims to help the younger generation through funding to get an education in Earth and space science. Thanks to its partners in the field of education, new unique projects will be created, which will facilitate the study of space. On January 27, GALAXY was supposed to be listed on the Hong Kong-based Lbank exchange, focused on Asian markets. Nevertheless, there hasn’t been official confirmation yet.