Throne Announces 100,000 Dollars Airdrop With CoinMarketCap

Throne is an NFT marketplace with its unusual blockchain that is led by a team of software engineers and an experienced team from the world of music and art, based on Ethereum with an $86,476,979.16 market cap, ranking at #398. This is a platform absolutely for creators, and collectors, a place where users can usually sell, find and collect digital assets. Today, its price is not satisfactory by losing about 31%, while its peak was at $0.343 and now is trading at $0.2216.


Based on Twitter, Throne has reported a partnership with CoinMarketCap for an Airdrop event. As you may know, Airdrop is the distribution of a token or cryptocurrency coin, usually for free, to several wallet addresses, and the platform will provide about 100 000 thousand dollars which will begin on February 8 and last until February 14. At this point, Airdrop is a way to attract attention and new followers, which leads to an increase in the user base and a wider distribution of tokens. As a result, investors should keep an eye on Throne in the coming month.