Tiffany & Co’s Q1 2020 Rising Revenue, Net Income, Stock

The most prominent luxury jewelry retailer, Tiffany & Co enjoyed Q1 of 2020 with soaring revenue of $1.36 billion that paved a way for rocketed operating income. Thus, investors enjoyed the quarterly growth in net income. So, diluted and basic EPS managed to reach $0.0017.

Q1 liabilities rose 6.26% along with the equities surged by 5.78%. Consequently, the total assets rose by $402,000,000.

NYSE: TIF did not get hit hard by the pandemic. Instead, online retailing could improve its Q1 revenue and even overall financial condition is in strong hands of Tiffany & Co leadership. The ex-dividend date of Jun 18, 2020, could possibly increase the stock price. Overall, financial stability receives trust from new investors as they won’t only leave after seeing positively changed net income

Alex Krakowsky

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