Tissue Regenix Group (TRX.L): Definitely Worth Your Attention

On July 12, Tissue Regenix Group’s shares soared by 2.17% with a 0.01 GBP gain. The current price results in 0.7050 GBP with a daily range of 0.6860-0.75 points. Although the current value is far less than it was in 2019 and 2020, the results are encouraging. The stock is less volatile with a high beta score of 1.84.

I would invest in Tissue Regenix Group because of its low trading, earnings growth, and less volatility. First, the company’s transaction price is lower than its fair value estimate. It is trading at £0.01, 82.9% lower than its fair value. Just to remind, the price of the undervalued stock will automatically revert to its original value or intrinsic value, so the profit is guaranteed.

Second, revenue is expected to grow 121.83% annually. The company has already overperformed the UK Biotechs industry by 37.2% over the past year and now is expected to be profitable in the next three years. Last, in the last 3 months, TRX has not fluctuated much more than other stocks in the UK. It generally moves with a +/- 7% difference each week. Also, its weekly volatility (7%) has been stable over the past year.

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