Titan Medical (TMDI) Stock Is All Set To Rise This Week As Bounce Back Play

If you have taken a look into the premarket action, then it is unlikely for you to have missed the gains made by the Titan Medical (NASDAQ: TMDI) stock.

This morning the Titan stock has gone up by as sharp as 18% during the premarket trading period. While the gains made by the stock are certainly eye-catching it is also necessary to point out that there has been no material news about the company this morning. However, earlier this week, the company did make an important announcement.

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The medical device company announced on April 5 that its Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman David McNally is going to make a presentation at the Bloom Burton & Co. Healthcare Investor Conference on April 21. McNally is going to provide a lowdown on Titan and then make a presentation about the robotic single access surgical system named Enos that it has manufactured. It is likely that the presentation is going to be watched closely by investors and analysts.

Anthony Gonzales

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