Titano Crypto Burns 288,659,996 Tokens This Week

Auto staking and compounding turn hot after several tokens start trending. They are Sphere, Titano, Libero, Cylum, Safuu, and many other tokens that claim to be trusted and the highest APY providers.

However, Titano came up with the unique and brilliant idea to make its holders generate cosmically high staking returns by burning billions of tokens.

Every week Titano Finance reports on burning record-high-worth tokens that could serve newcomers for some time but only smart investors are holding the tokens which could make them rich in a year. Today it announces a burning of about $30,074,000 USD worth of tokens. The next burn date may show even more burned tokens. So let’s keep our wallets ready and try to cash out from Huobi, Binance, Crypto.com, or other exchanges to participate in staking legitimate Titano tokens.