Top 5 Cheap USB Microphones 2019 You Can Buy Today

Could you imagine a podcast, streaming, vlogging or gaming without a microphone? Of course, no. Mobile devices’ microphones are not a proper solution for clear voice recording. So, having a decent mic is a must for productive work or entertainment. People now want cheap but best USB microphones that will suit their devices for any purpose. Well, today we go through top five cheap USB microphones that may last longer like high-end ones.

5 Cheap USB Microphones For Youtubers, Podcasts, and Vlogging

Neewer NV-800

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Could be enough using only the mic with USB connections, although, condensing, adjustable suspension scissor arm stand and other accessories will add significant value to the package. The pickup pattern can isolate the main source noise plus minimizes background noise. Gold color and steel material ad solid look which impresses users to use without fear of dropping.


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Your laptop or desktop will look worthy with the Thronmax Mdrill Zero. The simple design allows itself not to take pretty much space on the desk. Good for everyone: gamers, streamers, vloggers, vocalists, and interviewers. The volume control turner is big enough to regulate the power. The less power, the less electric consumption.  Its price is so cheap that anyone can afford to spend less than $60.

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AmazonBasics LJ-PCM-001

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One of Amazon products come as condenser microphone that can connect via USB. On the touch panel, you can control modes, mic volume, and headphone volume. There is a port for wired headphone or earphone. The stand can be adjusted by a swinging mic feature. For almost $90 you may get it directly from Amazon’s warehouse.

Alvoxcon A 700 SUK

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By three steel stands Alvoxcon A 700 SUK can hold a stable position. The metal-based body is made to ensure the users who need long-lasting and quality sound providing mic. The small-sized design allows you easily move and store, moreover, the mic does not take much space on any desk. $24 price tag is really cheaper than Amazonbasics’ microphones.

Fifine K669

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Gorgeously designed Fifine K669 does not have any accessories in the package but costs so cheap with a price tag of $28. Three stands could hold a strong position unless you hit the mic with a bit of strength. External volume control is a nice assistant to avoid computer-based volume regulations. On Amazon, you can compare it with other competitive peers without accessories.

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Drawing conclusions

The most expensive Amazonbasics LJ-PCM-001 from the list claims that more controls make the product costlier than other cheap units. We can’t say which is the best from the list. You could buy one according to size and package type. The fewer accessories, the cheaper the price.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor