Tortoise (SHLL), Spartan Energy (SPAQ) and Forum Merger II (FMCI) could fight for Lucid before IPO

Three major SPAC players Tortoise, Spartan Energy, and Forum Merger II are obviously active in viable acquisition operations that may bring high returns from IPO. Especially, bidding for buying EV makers up has been recently making a huge buzz in business news.

Lucid claims its sedan model Air can beat Tesla Model S and compete against Mercedes Benz in the luxurious segment. Former top employees are now working for Lucid to successfully launch both SUV and sedan. While bidding for acquisition Lucid may ask bigger amounts using the strength of having Tesla’s ex-employees. Only the financially strongest might win in this auction alike arena.

lucid air cars

Not a long time ago Lucid team had a shooting of SUV and sedan Air models for commercial purposes. As the picture tells above, the SUV is bigger than Tesla Model X and Y and could directly compete with luxury offroad BMX X7 and Mercedes Benz EQS. Now Lucid has two items to surprise luxury-loving drivers. Probably, their prices will be exposed above $100 thousand US dollars for meeting the extravagant demands of the rich.

Uson Abdilazhanov

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