Tourmaline Oil (TOU.TO) Announces Of Closing A Few Acquiring

Tourmaline Oil (TOU.TO) changed slightly during one month. For instance, the chart shows that the price started from C$32.52 on June 21 and continued to rise by fluctuating to C$36.14 on July 5. However, the price decreased to C$33.74 on July 12. Despite climbing from C$33.74 to C$34.86, the stock slightly declined to C$33.30 on July 19. Finally, after falling, the price rose to C$33.65 on July 20.Смотреть исходное изображение Tourmaline Oil reported the shut down of two strategic deals with North Montney and North Montney GORR with Topaz Energy, and the last one is considerable long-term on transfers of gas with Cheniere Energy. Furthermore, Tourmaline confirmed the closing transaction of the purchase of Black Swan Energy. Tourmaline completed continued growth Nig Creek, which bring Black Swan production will reach 60,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in the second quarter of 2022.

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Tourmaline has purchased lands and active Paramount Resources in the Burch area of North Montney. Assets acquired involve 2,400 barrels of oil equivalent per day of ongoing production for 15 horizons, Montney, 2P reserves of 40 million barrels of oil equivalent, and approximately 105 future Level 1 sites totaling approximately $88 million normal end-of-period adjustments.

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