Trading 6 million shares pushes AgeX Therapeutics (AGE) to jump over 85%

On Wednesday AgeX Therapeutics (NYSE: AGE) dropped 0.05% to $0.8381 and today in premarket the stock pops over 85% on six million shares. Any update from media regarding clinical trials or financial reports isn’t seen. Very strange to see such penny stock to soar before the market opens, perhaps, big whales chose it to be a leading healthcare stock.

Since May the stock made three attempts to ride over $1; on May 29 it rose to $1.13 then quickly rose to $1.49 on July 21 by making investors happy for a day, consequently on August 4 AGE jumped to $1.52 causing investors to feel euphoria a bit. However, slowly plunging has led to having a price of less than $1.

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During market hours AGE will likely trade at $1.35 on average, today’s 80% might fade away like it was on July 21. Right now, gamblers are swiftly jumping onto the stock but later long-term investors may come to see its quite attractive EPS and could join the crowd.

Uson Abdilazhanov

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