Tranchess Soars Amid Listing On Binance’s Innovation Zone

Today, it was announced by Binance that list Tranchess in the Innovation Zone and the trading will be available for CHESS/BNB, CHESS/BTC, CHESS/BUSD, and CHESS/USDT. During the last 24 hours, the token has sharply increased and started to grow at a fast pace which is resulted in a rise of more than 92.5%. The market capitalization of CHESS is $206,335,406 while the trading volume is $299,759,484. Tranchess is the derivatives trading protocol and asset management. CHESS is the governance token of this innovation.

Introducing Tranchess. Investors of Decentralized Finance can… | by Tranchess | MediumThe token can be used in the process of voting or any different governance proposals. Additionally, the holder of CHESS will be able to receive 50% of the fees which is produced by the protocol as weekly rebate rewards. The goal of Tranchess is to offer a risk/reward matrix produced from a single primary fund that monitors a single underlying asset. The total supply is more than $300 million with 38 Million tokens.