Trans Global (TGGI) Soars Big Without Any News: Will it Sustain?

The stock market can often throw up intriguing moves that can confuse the most seasoned investors and something of nature seemed to happen with the Trans Global Group Inc (OTC: TGGI) stock on Thursday. The Trans Global stock was one of the major gainers yesterday as it surged by as much as 242%.

However, there was no news related to the company that could have triggered such a rally. That being said, it might be useful for investors to take a look at some of the events from the past to get an idea about the company.

Last March the company shared a series of updates with regards to the company’s business with its shareholders. It announced that it was going to introduce a slew of new products and on top of that, Trans Global also revealed that there was not going to be any reverse stock split. The rally in the stock may not be related to this announcement but it is something that investors could consider keeping in mind.

Richard McEntire

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