TRON Moves Down With Bearish Movement As Announcing Weekly Report

TRON price is currently at $0.093175350390. Its last price was down -3.5% over the last 24 hours. Tron is a blockchain-based operating system that aims to democratize the Internet. Its decentralized nature enables it to provide high-quality decentralized applications and services. Token information will enter into TRONSCAN after the token contract is distributed. TRON has added additional mining pools to “Phase II of SUN Genesis Mining”. Optimized charts get a second version and have been successfully launched.

TRON users count has overreached 55 million. TRON also announced its service upgrade. The company has organized a community meeting with a Q&A session. With the blockchain, Tron, users will be able to connect to decentralized content without intermediaries such as Facebook and Google. Its decentralized network will allow users to consume content without intermediaries. The Tron Foundation has made it so that users can easily store and use TRX in their online activities. Its community-developed wallet, TronWallet, is the easiest way to do so.