TSR Publishes Results For The Second Quarter Of 2021

TSR’s main activity is the search and recruitment of IT professionals for various jobs, temporary work, and permanent employment. It provides professionals such as business analysts, IT security specialists, project managers, and others. TSR has clients from various industries, but with a special focus on clients from the financial services industry. TSRI stock is worth $ 10.91 with a market cap of $ 21.199M. On January 11, with the opening of trading, the price jumped 44% after a month of inactivity.

This huge leap after a long stagnation is due to the results for the second quarter of the previous year, ending November 30. During this period, the company’s revenue grew by almost 50%, or $ 7.8 million, to $ 23.9 million, compared with revenue for the same period in 2020. Net income was $ 243,000 while operating income exceeded $ 415,000. As a result, TSR closed the quarter with a debt of $ 50,000, which was covered by cash, which amounted to $ 6.3 million. Since the key metrics are good, there is a likelihood of the stock going up in the long run. However, this is only an assumption and the reality may be very different from the above statement.