Under $0.10 Soaring Stock To Consider: TPT Global Tech

Tech service providers normally have expensive stocks. However, TPT Global Tech (OTC: TPTW) costs $0.0794 after it quickly jumped from $0.0510 on 144,452,193 shares of the daily volume.

In April of 2016, TPTW could enjoy the last times of $1 price. Then its tech services didn’t impress investors who were lured by Tesla and Amazon mostly. However, many enterprises need TPT’s efficient services to smooth their daily operations. That demand most likely made TPTW popular among the short term traders.

TPT’s negative 12 months EPS is very near to zero and soon growing revenue could deliver serious earnings, making the ‘minus’ sign disappear.

The market cap is very close to the actual value of TPT. Being very cheap stock will make TPTW soar higher than one dollar.