Under $1 ReTo Eco-Solutions (RETO) Pops 24% amid cleaning Xinyi City from waste

A big city’s waste always gets huge unless proper management practiced upon sorting the recycle products. Chinese waste management company ReTo Eco-Solutions has started building a new Xinyi City waste managing center by spending millions in order to get high returns in a couple of years.

The penny RETO has an attractive EPS that is close to zero by signaling a possible increase in the future. Since December 2017 RETO has been plummeting despite having positive income from sorting the waste. Only ecology oriented investors are interested in such kind of companies which do not appear on news headlines like EV maker or spacecraft developer.

The actual value of ReTo still overstates the market cap due to the decreasing demand for the shares. To cross the $1 line will hard for RETO unless a new tech product or service is offered by the company. Acquiring other small competitors may also increase the likelihood of soaring stock.

Michael Rowels

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