Under $3 Robinhood Stock To Consider: MicroVision

While NASDAQ loses MicroVision (MVIS)  gains more than 20% on 20 million shares of daily volume. Penny MVIS leads many traders to apply strategy “buy low, sell high” although the stock has no earnings yet.

Robinhood attracts customers with free stocks that were destroyed in recent competition or couldn’t revive back. Therefore, many traders of this platform prefer penny stocks with the growth potential, especially tech and biotech stocks became trending for many millennial buyers.

Why not spend around $1000 on penny stock and wait for a month before the pandemic ends? Anyone could do it by sparing 50% of the salary. This thought comes from risk-loving gamblers who use analytical skills rarely. However, tech stocks have been climbing since 2008’s crisis and earned more than 1000% returns for their shareholders.