Under $5 Ocugen (OCGN) Facing Bearish Trend: Time To Sell or Hold?

In 2021 Ocugen (OCGN) shares enjoyed bumpy moves when good news popped out suddenly four times. The highest points were at $15.68 in May and November. COVAXIN became a mainly focused source of revenue while the U.S market is still demanding a vaccine that is developed by traditional methods.ocugen: Latest News & Videos, Photos about ocugen | The Economic Times - Page 1

When many governments are barely giving up with compulsory vaccination several coronavirus stocks are expected to plummet this year. UK officials have lifted all the covid-19 restrictions while Canada is having unrest against them. The U.S might stop encouraging the vaccination after seeing all of the vaccines being weak against the last variants. So, investing in OCGN might be a silly choice for filling the gap in your biotech portfolio.