Under $5 Rising Stock With Positive EPS: Future FinTech Group

There are very few penny stocks that have positive 12 months based EPS. Most of the time they could pay dividends quarterly. Future FinTech (NASDAQ: FTFT) was trading at a relatively cheaper price of $2.68 on Wednesday with increasing daily volume to 1,051,099 shares.

After announcing the acquisition of Nice Talent Asset Management, FTFT jumps 35.36% reaching almost $3.7. The Honk Kong-based asset management company from Joy Rich has enough expertise in handling newly bought companies and Future FinTech is going to experience positive results in managing several businesses simultaneously.

Soon FTFT may cross $5 line as several investors are starting to pay attention at its penny price with attractive EPS. So, it could be the right time to buy some FTFT shares to diversify the portfolio a bit.