UniLayer (LAYER) Pops: It Became Number1 Gainer on kucoin

Today, it was announced that UniLayer is number 1 Top among the gainers on kucoincom. During the last 24 hours, the token increased 50% with a trading volume of more than $11,636,484. On the chart, it was increasing with the small volatility. The market capitalization of LAYER is about $29,037,633. Additionally, UniLayer made an announcement that there are less than 2 weeks before they will get the Largest airdrop snapshot for the holders of the token. Also, the Unilayer Launchpad was relaunched 3 days ago.

A $1,000 Investment in Ethereum Five Years Ago Would Be Worth $195,000 TodayThe number of tokens is close to 23 million with a total supply of $40 Million. If you are interested in obtaining or selling crypto, you should better consider Uniswap exchange. UniLayer is considered as the decentralized tasing platform which is providing the users with additional features via operating with the LAYER token. This new generation innovative platform is mostly focusing on real-time buy orders, computerized exchanges and cash flow management, flash staking, graphs and statistics.