United Airlines Cancels A Crazy Number Flights After Employee Shortening Due To Omicron

Almost a third of United Airlines’ workers got infected by COVID-19 in a single day over the holiday season.  The head of the airline industry explained the harsh effects of the coronavirus outbreak and how it disrupted operations. The combination of these conditions led to the sickness of thousands of the company’s employees. In a memo, The CEO of UAL said that about 3,000 employees of the company were diagnosed with coronavirus. Many of them were not in operation. The company is trying to manage this deal with many flight cancellations.

United Airlines

Due to the outbreak, United’s business operations have been severely affected during the busy holiday season. Aside from United Airlines, other Airline companies have also canceled flights due to the coronavirus. According to FlightAware, the virus has caused the cancellation of almost 30,000 flights since December 25. The issue of sick employees and the duration of their isolation became more prevalent during the holiday season. Top executives of Delta Air Lines wrote a letter to the Centers for Disease Control urging it to shorten the duration of its quarantine period.