United Airlines (UAL) Stock Plummets By 5.02%: The Reason Is The Fear of Delt-Covid.

There is a monthly decline in prices for United Airlines Holding (UAL) stock. The previous session closed at $46.01, while today’s session opened with a large drop to $ 43.7. In percentage terms, this descent shows -5.02%. At the moment, the price continues to fall and has already reached the point of $42.79.
Amid fear of a new infectious type of COVID, the stock price fell sharply not only for this company but also for all others related to the tourism sector. On Monday, the news was announced that a member of the US national gymnastics team had a confirmed diagnosis of covid.

Now, the main problem is precisely the delta subspecies of the coronavirus. It spreads rapidly across Asia, including Japan. Such news could be tragic as the World Olympic Games kick off in Japan at the end of the week on Friday. There is a direct correlation between the number of athletes sent to the Olympics and the price of the company’s stocks.

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