United States Steel (X) Surges Amid Financial Results For Q3

Yesterday, the company reported about the financial results for the third quarter of this year. According to the report, net earnings totaled $2.002 billion, or $6.97 per diluted share. Also, adjusted net earnings are $1.543 billion, or $5.36 for every diluted share. The CEO and President of the company, David B. Burritt said that they have set some new records during this quarter regarding net earnings, EBITDA, EBITDA margin,  liquidity, safety, and quality and reliability. So, we can imply that the company was performing very well.

Additionally, he adds that they have transformed the balance sheet of the company and the generation of the cash flow made them more confident that they will be able to invest t the organic rise in advance, which will result in the expansion and development of their advantages. With these great results, they are on the way to faster achieving their future Best for All. There will be a conference call on October 29. 

Agneta Johansen

Agneta is still enjoying her trips to Asia and Africa while she works at Own Snap as an author and reporter. Very soon she will settle somewhere in Europe and run her startup enterprise.