United Utilities Group (UU.L)’s Dividends Growth

Like many other companies, at the beginning of 2020, United Utilities Group faced a loss in its share price. Since then, the company’s share prices were remaining low. In March 2021, the company faced a severe decline from 954.40GBP to 859.20GBP. However, the company was able to recover fast and reach 1,036GBP just in 4 months. Today, it opens at 1,036GBP which is greater than the previous close by 6GBP. The day’s range is 1,036.00GBP – 1,053.00GBP. the average volume is 1,5 million GBP. The EPS is 66.30.
If a firm has a crisis and the dividend is reduced, the company’s value may plummet. Considering this information, we are pleased by United Utilities Group’s consistent growth, which has averaged 2.7 % per share over the previous five years. Although earnings have been developing, we are still worried that dividend payments have absorbed most of the company’s cash flow over the last year.

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Many investors may evaluate a company’s dividend performance over time by looking at how much the dividend payments have changed. Over the last ten years, United Utilities Group has averaged a 3.7 percent dividend increase every year. It is reassuring to see the firm raising dividends when earnings rise, indicating that the company is at least interested in rewarding shareholders.

Lora Nilsson

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