Universe Pharmaceuticals (UPC) Stock Surges Almost 50% Then Drops 18% As Of Now: Another Bubble Jump?

Universe Pharmaceuticals (UPC) stock surges high then drop back low. From July 19 to July 21 the stock has been at the same pace with stock trading at around $2.65. Then on July 22, the stock jumped by over 47%. As of now, with the open market, the stock is falling 19%. The company’s market cap reached a total value of $83.43 million as of the last closing price.
There are no company-specific news reports or SEC filings that indicate that the stock price is being driven up by external factors. Retail investors on social media like Reddit and Twitter seem to be using the moment when the stock is at low to gain the momentum to the max.

Universe Pharmaceuticals is a distributor and manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicines that are targeted at the elderly. The company also sells various kinds of biomedical drugs and medical instruments. Universe Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is based in China and is a pharmaceutical producer and distributor focused on the development and marketing of traditional Chinese medicines for the elderly. The company’s products are designed to address the various conditions of the aging population.

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