USD Coin vs US Dollar: Which One Do You Choose?

During the month, USD Coin’s price indicators are extremely unstable. In one day, the price fell to $0.9982 and jumped to $1.0017. Today USD Coin is trading at the price of $1.00. USD Coin is up 0.07% in the last 24 hours. The obvious advantage of coins over fiat currency is autonomy. Banks dictate their own conditions for the provision of financial services, which are not always beneficial for the client. USD Coin is stored on users’ personal accounts and cryptocurrency wallets, and not on deposits in banks that dictate their restrictions to customers.

Bank transfers are carried out within a few days. Transactions on the USDC network occur without delay. Delays are possible only in cases of high network load. When making a bank transfer, users must pay a commission, which is usually at least 2%. Transfers using USDC occur with a much lower commission. And finally, by exchanging currencies through banking systems, users buy at an inflated rate and are forced to sell at an undervalued rate. The exchange of coins takes place at the current rate through crypto exchanges or the Circle application.