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Utrust UTK Surges Today: What Should You Know?

Utrust is a digital payment platform built on the blockchain. Today, the Utrust token has progressed from its low of $0.398272 to the peak of $.422454, resulting in a 6% growth. At these prices, the cryptocurrency has reached some fluctuations and is currently trading at $0.419400. It had $188,897,126 total market capitalization and the trading volume represents $10,290,144. Since March 13, 2020, it has bettered by more than 7646.1% taking #344 place, according to CoinGecko. During the previous 7-week range, the highest indicator was $0.433273, and the lowest was $0.363788.

The highlight of UTK is that it simplifies crypto payments for buyers and sellers. The Utrust platform accepts a variety of digital currencies and its native token, $UTK, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. If products and services are paid with the UTK token, Utrust users can avoid paying a currency exchange fee. So every transaction burns a piece of the UTK token, the overall quantity of UTK lowers, reducing the circulating supply. The more transaction throughput, the better the token performs. Moreover, it has a circulating supply of 450 Million UTK coins and a total supply of 500 Million.