Valiant Eagle (PSRU) Surges 25% On Value Buying: What Next?

The non-fungible token space has taken off in a big way in recent times and companies that are working in that space have been in focus among investors as well.

Valiant Eagle (PSRU) Surges 25% On Value Buying: What Next?

One such company is Valiant Eagle Inc (OTC: PSRU), which made an announcement with regards to its work in that space. In light of the announcement, the Valiant Eagle stock soared by as high as 25% as investors flocked to the stock in a big way.

The company announced that in order to capitalize on rising investor optimism about the sector, it signed on with a pair of non-fungible token auction sites. It is a significant development for Valiant Eagle and it was not a surprise that the announcement from the company resulted in a strong rally in its stock. The company signed up with the two auction sites in order to manage its own non-fungible token portfolio in a more efficient way. Investors could consider keeping an eye on the Valiant Eagle stock today.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor