Varen Is Officially Partners With Ren To Launch VarenX

Today, platform Varen is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Ren protocol. The purpose of the merger is to build out cross-chain infrastructure. VarenX’s ultimate goal is to make the DeFi cross-chain as accessible and liquid as possible for all users. It says that now users do not need to switch to different platforms wasting time while VarenX will do it in one click. And what is the platform planning for 2022?


This year, the project has five goals: Ren from host to host, Layer 2 support, Gas as a Service (GaaS), etc. Accordingly, the team will focus on integrating popular Layer 2 platforms such as Polygon, Binance SmartChain, and Arbitrum. Finally, in collaboration with Ren Labs, the project will focus on the issue of inter-chain liquidity. After this news, the price of Varen is commenced markedly surge by achieving almost 73% to $478.10. And, during the day, it has reached its peak of more than $738.56 with a trading volume of $2,188,693.22.